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A Horse that Breathes Better – Performs Better

Are you one of the countless horse owners with performance horses that suffer from upper respiratory problems? Cough, hives, skin irritation and even lethargy can all be symptoms of allergies. Nasal bleeding in running athletes is also a problem when tiny capillaries in the respiratory tract are inflamed and bleed after heavy exertion.

If you answered yes then “Breathe Smooth” might be a good choice to add to your care regimen.

Breathe Smooth is specifically designed for respiratory support and to ease symptoms of known allergens. This formula was designed not only to address symptoms but to support optimum lung function and maintain the integrity of a healthy respiratory tract. What are the advantages of putting your horse on Breathe Smooth? Well here are just a few:

> Contains Colostrum Which Adds Immune Support
> Contains Herbs that Support & Heal the Respiratory Tract
> Micro-encapsulated Probiotic/Digestive Enzyme Blend for Gut Support
> All Natural – No Fillers
> Easy to Serve Powder Form

Breathe Smooth begins with our ‘Foundation’; a proprietary blend of micro-encapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes, 100% pure bovine colostrum, amino acids and vitamins & minerals. The herbal blend finishes off the formula for maximum respiratory support and healing.

What are some of the issues you’re experiencing with your horse that Breathe Smooth might benefit Him/Her?

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BioShield Skin and Wound Care Products for Horses


Many animal enthusiasts have trusted the BioShield product line for some time now. But, what many of you may not know is that we carry two of these fine products.

BioShield is a revolutionary skin and wound care line that has been approved for use in all animals. The two products we carry are the Skin Treatment and Wound Treatment. These products are super easy to use with no mess or offensive smell. They are non toxic, contain no steroids, alcohol, iodine or chemical preservatives. Tested for safe use around the mouth, eyes and nose with no stinging when applied. We’ve even tested them on ourselves and found they actually have a soothing effect.

Below is a link to our page where you can find the BioShield line and the manufacturer’s brochure exhibiting scientific data and test results. If you haven’t tried this product yet, what are you waiting for?

What types of topical solutions do you trust on your loved ones? Compare them with these two products we trust you’ll find they surpass anything you might be using!


Smooth Run for Your Dog

Smooth Run for Canines

Here at Smooth Run Equine, we know that most likely those of you with horses definitely have dogs as well and their health & and well-being is as important to you as your horse’s.

Smooth Choice Canine is a ‘complete’ formula designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of your canine companion while providing essential key ingredients for joint support. It also contains pure colostrum for immune support, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other key ingredients needed for optimum health.

Over the years many canine diets have been made up of soy, grains and meat by-products, which are not components of a “natural” diet. This can cause an imbalance of intestinal flora, necessary good bacteria and can result in gas, bloating, intestinal and systemic toxicity. Disruption in the gastrointestinal tract also causes mal-absorption of nutrients causing a host of complications and symptoms, ultimately affecting the immune system.

What types of foods do you feed your dogs? Grain free, raw diet, or the cheapest bag on the shelf? No matter what you choose a good quality supplement that addresses what your diet might not deliver is always a good idea.

Check out the Canine Products here:

Winter Horse Health Tips

We all know that keeping your horse warm, healthy, and happy during the winter can be challenging, especially if you live in a climate with extreme cold weather. If you do live in exteme cold, you know what comes with this weather: fat and sassy horses. This blog we will talk about the key ways to help with those “hard keepers” or the sassy’s one.

The biggest thing we will cover is stress, feed, and their immune system. Horses can very quickly lose weight when under a great deal of stress. Stress can be caused by numerous things including extreme cold, injuries, changing in their training schedule, or even changes in their living enviornment. I’ve learned first hand, that horses can get very emotionally stressed from not doing their job either. Stress can cause many health problems such as Ulcers, Stones, Colic, and other painful situations. One way we can help avoid this is with Gastro Smooth. Gastro Smooth was developed to be a proactive and preventative approach for achieving optimum health in the equine gastrointestinal tract. Smooth Run Equine has developed this specialized formula to nurture, balance, replenish and support the entire gastrointestinal tract of our cherished equine partner. The next best thing that you need to make sure, is that your horse is getting enough of the right kind of calories to stay warm, and drinking enough water to keep his digestion functioning properly. A simple way to help with water in take and calories is beet pulp, rice bran, wheat bran, electrolytes, and alfalfa to keep the calories high. Next if you blanket your horse during the winter, choose a blanket that both fits and is made of a lightweight material. A well-fitting blanket does not “pull” across the shoulders, chest, or withers. Most newer blankets are pleated at the shoulder and designed to avoid this tightness over the withers and chest. It’s important to choose a blanket that fits because an ill-fitting blanket, worn all winter, can create chiropractic issues that you will have to solve in the spring.

Laslty is the horses immune system. Just like humans, when horses get stressed their immune system goes down which allows them to become sicker faster. Our Smooth Foundation was made specifically for that. Smooth Foundation is specially formulated to naturally enhance the health and well being of all horses, from foals to seniors. Designed to be a proactive and preventative approach in achieving optimum health in your horse.

I hope this helps you and your horse reach their full athletic and health potential as we are all battling these winter months! If you have any questions, pelase feel free to contact us!

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Congratulations to our Pennsylvania Distributor, Michelle Sly & her mare, Princess. They became the APHA amateur Cutting World Champions!!Image

Smooth Run Calming

How Smooth Run Calming works for your anxious horse.
Studies show that the therapeutic effect of synergistically blended nutrients can work better together than one nutrient on its own. That goal stands at the forefront of the Smooth Run product line. The principal foundation of Smooth Run is a specially blended base of probiotics and digestive enzymes. This blend is so important because what really matters is how well your horse utilizes the nutrients you take the time to give. Without the proper digestive enzymes and beneficial intestinal bacteria, food is not ‘fermented’ in the way it was intended as it passes through the digestive tract. Instead of being digested, it remains undigested. As you read on, you will see how important the digestive process is to maintaining a calm horse. The Smooth Run recipe is then complimented with a full spectrum vitamin formula, minerals and a joint complex, which acts as a major building block to cartilage repair. It is truly an all-in-one supplement.

Smooth Run Plus Calming adds a combination of Valerian Root, Chamomile Flowers and Ginger Root to the basic nutrients in Smooth Run Plus:

• Valerian root is an herb that has been used for centuries in Asia and Europe to relieve anxiety, depression, and is also used to lessen stomach cramps. Studies of valerian confirm a mild sedative effect, one that is calming but does not usually result in sleepiness.
• Chamomile flowers are used in alternative medicine to soothe nervous excitement, as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.
• Ginger contains many antioxidants and is perhaps the herb best known to stimulate digestion. Because Ginger also relaxes the muscles surrounding blood vessels it has a wholesome effect on the circulatory system, facilitating the flow of blood throughout the body.

These completely natural herbs have proven time and again to help many overwrought horses conquer their distress and still make it to the pay window! Please remember that anxiety (or what appears to be anxiety) in your horse can be the result of many factors.

• Performance Anxiety. It is common for angst about competition to generally be played out in the gastrointestinal system. This stress response causes muscle tension, excess acid in the gut and even physical signs such as trembles under the skin. For these horses, Smooth Run Plus Calming definitely helps.
• Pain. Other horses that become anxious before going into the arena may simply be in pain and are exhibiting symptoms of stress because they know the run might hurt. This is often a result of discomfort in a joint. While supplementation can help to repair damaged cartilage, if you suspect your horse’s anxiety is the result of pain, a consultation with your Vet would be in order.
• Excitement sometimes manifests itself as anxiety. Some horses love to run and are so fired up they seem to be acting out. If he is merely anticipating your run but has not “run off” then he is probably eager to do his job. Often, just by taking a little bit of the edge off, your horse will be better equipped to concentrate on the job ahead.

Our professional formula, Smooth Run PRO Plus Calming, has become very popular with skilled barrel racers who find that the constant grind of long-distance hauling, unfamiliar stalls and the strain of competition puts even more pressure on their athletic horse. Smooth Run PRO Plus Calming combines the benefits of Smooth Run Plus Calming, Ulcer Relief, Breathe Smooth and Noni in one easy to feed supplement.

We’ve seen our product work wonders. Not just on attitude, but also in hoof and coat condition, muscle tone (the colostrum in our formula helps here) and you’ll notice that when your horse feels better, he’ll generally be a better teammate. After all, Barrel Racing is a team sport.

Whether you choose Smooth Run Plus with Calming formula or PRO Plus Calming formula, you’ll be helping your anxious horse find his peak performance level.


Wildfire Smoke and Horses

Wildfire Smoke and Horses

The following information is provided by Dr. John Madigan and Dr. David Wilson, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis.

The severe fires in southern California exposed humans and animals to unhealthy air containing wildfire smoke and particulates. These particulates can build up in the respiratory system, causing a number of health problems including burning eyes, runny noses and illnesses such as bronchitis.  They can also aggravate heart and lung diseases such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and asthma.

Because little information is available to horse owners and even equine veterinarians on the effects on horses of breathing air laden with particulates, some suggestions are offered here to serve as a general guide.

What’s In Smoke?

Smoke is made up of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, soot, hydrocarbons and other organic substances including nitrogen oxides and trace minerals. The composition of smoke depends on what is burned; different types of wood, vegetation, plastics, house materials, and other combustibles all produce different compounds when burned. Carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that is produced in the greatest quantity during the smoldering stages of the fire, can be fatal in high doses.

In general, particulate matter is the major pollutant of concern in wildife smoke. Particulate is a general term used for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Particulates from smoke tend to be very small (less than one micron in diameter), which allows them to reach the deepest airways within the lung. Consequently, particulates in smoke are more of a health concern than the coarser particles that typically make up road dust.

How Smoke Affects Horses

The effects of smoke on horses are similar to effects on humans: irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, aggravation of conditions like heaves (recurrent airway obstruction), and reduced lung function. High concentrations of particulates can cause persistent cough, increased nasal discharge, wheezing and increased physical effort in breathing. Particulates can also alter the immune system and reduce the ability of the lungs to remove foreign materials, such as pollen and bacteria, to which horses are normally exposed.

Protecting Horses from Air Pollution

Limit exercise when smoke is visible. Don’t have your horse do activities that increase the airflow in and out of the lungs.  This can trigger bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the small airways in the lungs).

Provide plenty of fresh water close to where your horse eats. Horses drink most of their water within 2 hours of eating hay, so having water close to the feeder increases water consumption. Water keeps the airways moist and facilitates clearance of inhaled particulate matter. This means the windpipe (trachea), large airways (bronchi), and small airways (bronchioles) can move the particulate material breathed in with the smoke. Dry airways make particulate matter stay in the lung and air passages.

Limit dust exposure by feeding dust-free hay or soak hay before feeding. This reduces the particles in the dust such as mold, fungi, pollens and bacteria that may have difficulty being cleared from the lungs.

If your horse is coughing or having difficulty breathing, have your horse examined by a veterinarian. A veterinarian can help determine the difference between a reactive airway from smoke and dust versus a bacterial infection and bronchitis or pneumonia. If your horse has a history of having heaves or recurrent airway problems, there is a greater risk of secondary problems such as bacterial pneumonia.

Give your horse ample time to recover from smoke-induced airway insult. Airway damage resulting from wildfire smoke takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal.  Therefore, plan on giving your horse 4 to 6 weeks off from the time when the air quality returns to normal. Attempting exercise may aggravate the condition, delay the healing process, and compromise your horse’s performance for many weeks or months.

If your horse has primary or secondary problems with smoke-induced respiratory injury, you should contact your veterinarian.  He/She can prescribe specific treatments such as intravenous fluids, bronchodilator drugs, nebulization, or other measures to facilitate hydration of the airway passages. Your veterinarian may also recommend blood tests or other tests to determine whether a secondary bacterial infection has arisen and is contributing to the current respiratory problem.

In addition to immediate vet care you may want to consider Breathe Smooth in addition to your current supplement program.


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